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Well, I'm getting ready to move to San Francisco. I've been in California for 4.5 years and have likely spent less than 15 days up in the city. I was at a movie in the Castro recently and I suddenly realized just what I'm missing. I dreaded the idea of leaving in 6 months or so and never really getting familiar with this famous city.

One strong reason against moving was the commute. I never wanted to drive 1-2 hours a day just to get to work and back. Google has recently introduced a shuttle service that has 3 pickups in the city and gets you to the 'plex in 40 minutes or so. Same thing in reverse in the evening. Cool!

Annotated Map of San Francisco Being fairly ignorant about the neighbourhoods, I asked some friends at work for their opinions on different areas. Later that day I found a annotated map printout on my desk chair. The map was of the city, and the annotations were a series of happy, indifferent and sad faces indicating the area's status. You can see the full map by clicking the image. Agree with the map? Disagree?

I'm surprised with the close proximity of 'good' areas and 'bad' areas. One area: high-end residential area... walk two block: crack-whores. Perhaps something to do with the constrained land with no room to expand. I'm currently considering the Noe Valley area as many people at work seem to live there. Hearing lots of good things.


oh, i'd lovo to go to san francisco. i've been in the USA only once (i'm italian) and maybe i'll go back there this summer, to visit dallas and chicago. you're so lucky!!!

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I think I've become a little too uptight in my current Palo Alto residence. By far the most controversial thing that has happened here is the municipality installed roadblocks all over the place for 'traffic calming' purposes. Huge public outcry.

The best part though was the roadblocks were asphalt islands with white picket fences on top. I kid you not. About 6 months ago I was woken at night by some drunk guys walking down our street.. they get to the white picket fence road barrier... start laughing.. then yell "FUCK PALO ALTO" and start kicking the pickets apart. I just about peed myself.

Hi. A google search revealed your blog. I'm in quite the same situation as you. 5 years in MP/PA/MV/SV/SC, and surely less than 15 days in SF. I work at 101/Gt America, and am considering the move to the city as well. In a couple weeks. I need to energize my life...

Are you happy with your choice of 24th/Church? How do you get on/off the freeway when you aren't using the Google shuttles? What are your impressions after your first month in the city? Find nice places to eat at? Meet people? Do you wish you'd moved to another part of the city?


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