Aileen Wuornos

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I just watched the movie Aileen: life and death of a serial killer an intense documentary created around interviews with Aileen Wuornos the first female serial killer in America. We learn about her life, see scenes from her court cases, and watch her gradually become less rational and coherent as her execution date approaches.

Quite frankly she scared the hell out of me. The movie Monster with Charlize Theron was excellent, but didn't come close to portraying the true anger and insanity that this woman possessed.

Definitely worth a rent, but like Peter Travers of Rolling Stone says on the back cover: "her eyes, radiating madness, will haunt your dreams."


I truely feel sad for this lost soul of society, she had no mother no father no upbringing and no one ever cared rather she lived or died. Who ever gave her a chance, who ever loved her. Certainly not her girlfriend who only used her but to Aileen it was the closest to love that she had ever experienced. Im not excusing her crime but her pain, yes. Her insanity, yes. Her belief in humanity, yes. I do hope she rests in piece. And her first murder was a sexual preditor who probably deserved what he got. But in the end whos the judge.

We are all monsters.

I totally agree. This person was never ever given a chance. She was a product of her horrible conditions, upbringing, and surroundings. I understand that people are raised poorly time and time again, and that they, themselves, do not commit crime. Often they grow up to become perfectly "normal". But I believe that this is the one situation that this did not occur. I feel that a thorough exam (longer than 30 minutes which was done prior to her execution) would have shown this. She was never given a chance, so what do you expect? No one cared about her or for her when she was alive, so in her mind why should she live? It's not inexscusable, but it's understandable.

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