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I re-wrote the functionality of Blog comPost as a Mozilla/Firefox extension and then extended the functionality to other blog types and News Readers. Check out JustBlogIt.
What is JustBlogIt?
JustBlogIt is a Mozilla / Firefox extension to allow easy right-click posting to a weblog. From any website your new blog post is only a right-click away.
Learn more and try it out on the JustBlogIt Homepage.


I like the idea. I had a problem with the German umlauts (,,). Probably you can fix that issue. And if that matters I use Textpattern.

How do I uninstall this? The problem is when testing it I used a dormant weblog and want to change the weblog it automatically posts to but can't seem to get inside this thing.

How do I uninstall this? The problem is I want to change the weblog it defaults to but can't seem to get inside it to do this. I thought easiest way is to uninstall and reinstall.

Does this extension work with Firefox 1.0PR?

JustBlogIt works like a charm for me.

I haven't tried to figure out how you do it, but I'm sure that under the covers it must be technically quite sophisticated....


One problem I have is maintaining a separate work blog and personal blog (both drupal). I haven't desired to open up trackback, which would allow me to cross post, on the work blog because of security concerns.

It would be great if multiple "profiles" could be established in JustBlogIt so that you could select which blog you wanted to post to.

Hi there,

Under what license is this being released? Is the code available? Nice idea and excellent work.

Looks like a good start. It's a little easier now to customize my Movable Type bookmarklet, and this seems to work better with Firefox... the popup window stays on top.

I hope you plan to develop this further. If so, I also would like to see multiple profiles... I post to two Movable Type blogs on two different domains and a WordPress blog to boot.

Also would be nice if it could be configured to open in the side bar or another tab. I find popup windows aesthetically displeasing.

But perhaps I'm being too demanding? Thanks for the extension.

Thanks for your excellent extension!

I installed it into 1.0 but where is it now. Now able to add un/pw for email accounts.

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