JustBlogIt 0.2

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I just posted version 0.2 of JustBlogIt, the Mozilla/Firefox blogging extension. You can upgrade by just installing this new version. Your previous prefererences should be maintained.

Latest changes include:
  • Adding an item to the Edit menu so Mozilla users can actually re-configure JustBlogIt. (oops)
  • Added support for posting to 5 different weblogs without reconfiguring.
  • Added support for: journalspace, b2evolution and BLOG:CMS.
  • Variety of small bugfixes.


Great ext., use it daily. Your info page, however, still shows o.1 version on both download links.

Was also about to email you requesting a couple of features: option to lock in which weblog and which category. I use JustBlogIt! always for posting quick asides, thus I'm always in one MT blog using only one category. Thanks!

Oops... I edited the file manually and then MT rebuilt the original for me when the blog got updated. How quaint.

All fixed now. Sorry about the confusion. Let me know if you have any other problems.

I love the added support for multiple blogs. As it is, I post to three different weblogs. With this new version I've still got two slots left.

Thanks. Until JustBlogIt came out, I was wondering why no one else had done this. I'm keeping my eye out for future updates.

Mucho danke! I'd been thinking about writing something similar to allow me to post to my WordPress site. Now I don't have to. Way cool and keep up the good job!


any possibility of adding Opera 7.6 to the list of browsers... Opera bookmarklets, can't live without them...

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