Missing Media


Hello loyal readers. Are you still there? I like to tell people I've had a blog since 2001, but with my lack of posts my old-skool-blogger smirk is starting to fade.

There was a recent hard drive crash (or something) at the hosting company I use (Tektonic) and unfortunately a whole bunch of VPS nodes lost all data. I was one of those users :( Luckily I do a daily SQL dump of all blog-related material and email it into the ever-expanding maw of gmail storage so I could recover it easily to the state pre-crash. I don't do a backup of the media though and so all warmbrain hosted images and videos were lost. There is a possibility that the 2-week-long fsck that Tektonic is running will recover something but I'm not holding my breath.

What have I been doing? Mostly focusing on the regular feeding and watering of my new kid. He is almost a year old though and so I guess not so new. He is an absolute joy. Here is a recent photo:

I'd like to start posting here again. Watch this space.

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