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If you are a fan of Flickr and happen to use iGoogle you may want to check out a Flickr Gadget I recently wrote. It looks like this:

The gadget currently offers three tabs/views. You can see either the latest photos from your Flickr contacts (requires specifying your flickr userid in the settings), a sampling from recent 'interesting' photos, or specify keywords to search across all Flickr photos. You can view larger versions of the thumbnails overlaid in the gadget or jump right into Flickr proper.

I enjoyed creating the gadget and would love to hear any feedback or ideas for improvements.

To add the gadget to your iGoogle page just click the screenshot above or install with this button:

Disclaimer: I work on the iGoogle team at Google.


Dylan, I love the gadget! One thing though.. I can't seem to get it to use my account name (possibly because it has double-quotes in it?), I always get the error "Problem retrieving user: User not found"

My account name is "Cowboy" Ben Alman, and my flickr ID is 8395214@N06. If my account name can't work due to iGoogle limitations, it might be a nice option to be able to use my flickr ID instead.

My flickr URL is in case that helps.

Any ideas?

- Cowboy

Hi Ben.

Sorry to hear it isn't working out for you. I could see there being a problem with the quotes... but other than the current escaping I am doing it isn't clear what else to try.

I've also been working on an authenticated version of the gadget that should help avoid needing to type in your own ID. Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish that in the near future.

Thanks very much for your feedback.


I've updated the Flickr gadget to use the Flickr Authentication API. One major benefit is no more problems typing in usernames or NSIDs or anything.

You can always find the latest version of the gadget here:

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