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Subservient Chicken

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A scolding from the subservient chicken. I'm always behind the curve when it comes to the latest trendy memes, and I'm sure this is no exception, but I had to post it anyway.

Feast your eyes on the Subservient Chicken. Apparently a clever marketing ploy by Burger King, you are presented with a man in a chicken suit who awaits your typed commands and then acts them out ("Have your chicken your way!"). It feels real for about a minute or so until our reptilian brain starts noticing scenes that don't just look identical, they are identical.

BoingBoing has information about someone who has reverse-engineered the available commands and 'unlocked' the previously censored actions. I tried a few out though and as far as I can tell, Burger King has 'patched' the flash file so that you just always get a scolding finger-wag.

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