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How I Use Movable Type

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Mena, of SixApart, is asking for feedback on how people are using Movable Type. Here is my trackback-sending post.

My installation has 3 weblogs and 3 authors. My wife, my mom and myself each have a blog (although my wife has yet to post a single entry :). All of the blogs are non-commercial, personal sites.

I would gladly pay for a license but am wary of committing to a system where each new weblog/author I add potentially means I need to upgrade my license. I'm never going to ask for installation or migration support, and will give back to the Movable Type community in the form of new templates, blogging advice, and posts describing my MT experiences.

I think the current (revised) licensing scheme still limits the usage too much. I feel that it is restrictive enough that people are already considering alternative software packages to just avoid the hassle of license upgrades and the guilt of potentially withholding money from Ben and Mena when a license is somehow breached.

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