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Well. Here's another rev of warmbrain back up and functional. That's right. After my final post in January of 2005 I've decided I'd come back. Figures, no? I haven't totally thought through what this means yet and I'm not promising anything grand at this time. I guess I just have some things to say sometimes and I really missed my blog as an outlet. Plus I love tinkering and a blog is a great place to tinker.

Some ground rules, to avoid false expectations:

1. Each post may be my last. No promises on frequency. 'Hiatus' is my middle name.
2. Each post may turn out to be a "I've redesigned the blog" annoucement. What can I say? I like redesigning the blog.
3. I (still) don't have a theme in mind for the blog. No idea what I'll post about. 'Random' is my other middle name.


The old site was hosted on (and still is) but this new blog is just hosted on Clever, no? This was partly choice and partly necessity. I thought it would be a cleaner URL, but also I seem to have misplaced the old MySQL DB files and so all I have is the old blog's HTML files. I was scared I'd overwrite them so began under a new directory and removed the subdomain.

Now that I've got a post to work with I can actually muck with the design a bit. I'm thinking of just using one of the default MovableType stylesheets to start with... just to keep things simple. After that I'm going to see about adding a permanent redirect from the old RSS feed to this new one. Let's see how many aggregators are still reading that feed and how many understand a 301 permanent redirect.

It's nice to be back. Let's see if the traffic will return.

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