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Homeless Blogger

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While digging through my blog archives to see how bad the linkrot has gotten I came across a link that is worth revisiting. I first blogged about The Homeless Guy back in 2003 and I'm happy to see that he is apparently still posting almost daily. He is an engaging writer and offers a perspective that I personally don't have much experience with. His recent post about getting to stay a night in a cheap hotel points out to me just how much I take for granted each and every day. From warmth, to sleep, to privacy. Eye opening. Adding his blog to my reader list.

Steal This Film

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Regardless of how you feel about the legality or ethics of filesharing of copyrighted media, you should check out Steal This Film for a straight-forward, human-scale viewpoint on where filesharing is today from the perspective of people that actively share files and the people that operate the popular Pirate Bay BitTorrent tracking site.

A low quality version of the film is available on Google Video or you can download a higher quality .mov via BitTorrent. To download a BitTorrent file I recommend one of these fine clients: uTorrent, Azureus, BitComet.

It is also interesting to look at the latest anti-piracy productions like this anti-piracy ad from Australia, and this Jackie Chan / Arnold Schwarzenegger team-up and this video titled The Global Avalanche of Piracy found in the anti-piracy section of the MPAA's website.

Play-Doh Finger Fraud

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An engineer at Clarkson University has been investigating ways of fooling fingerprint scanners by using severed digits, plastic models and play-doh. Sounds like a fun job, no?

"Digits from cadavers and fake fingers molded from plastic, or even something as simple as Play-Doh or gelatin, can potentially be misread as authentic," she explains. "My research addresses these deficiencies and investigates ways to design effective safeguards and vulnerability countermeasures. The goal is to make the authentication process as accurate and reliable as possible."

Alien Hominid

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Fun flash game... Alien Hominid. I totally suck at it.. die almost immediately. But this guy has some solid praise for it. Check it out.

Virtually Topless

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BloodRayne via BoingBoing: A virtual character from a video game will be 'posing' topless for Playboy magazine. The character's name is BloodRayne and she is a vampire. Definitely not the first nude animated character, nor even the first topless video game character, but definitely the first to be given exposure in a national nudie mag. Or so they tell me.

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