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Last day.

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This is it.

Removed everything. Cleaned it all up.

Used SecureClean because I am paranoid ;)


2 full days left.

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2 full days left... tick tick tick tick tick...

Today I'll start to clean out my desk, remove my minimal personal elements from the walls, photographs of my wife at our wedding, a souvenir hand-fan from a co-worker who went to Japan, a picture of Einstein, LOTS of books, a small nameplate with my name on it (from a previous job), a Tintin 'poster' showing the evolution from Herge's original drawing, XSL references, miscellaneous anniversary/birthday cards, a barely-empty box of business cards, 3 coffee mugs, LOTS of paper, a stack of CDs, a can of baked beans in syrup (don't ask) and a Meccano helicopter I built.

All that doesn't count all the crap I have downloaded/installed/received on my computer. I'll do that Friday I think.

I quit my job.

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The biggest thing happening in my life right now is that I quit my job. I gave them 3 weeks notice, and I've got three more days until that is finished. I had already accepted another job when I quit, so the risk was minimal. Still, I had never really made such a choice before, and I feel that some threshold has been crossed.

It's good I think. I take/took work very seriously and I am good at what I do. I believed in my company, let my work consume a part of my life, and was irritated by other people who didn't do the same. Now that I've quit and am changing companies, it is like I've distanced myself from my work. Not just the current job, but from all work. It's work -- don't let it be you.

When I quit my job it became clear that it was the first time within the company where I was fully in control. Nobody to compete with. Nobody to try and impress. Nobody that could tell me no. It was very exciting. I reccommend the experience. It also gave me new insight into why I was leaving.

Why am I leaving? A lot of reasons actually. Time to move on... unappreciated... old baggage... I know too much (company history)... etc etc. But strangely enough nobody asked me that question. At least not for a little while. It was announced at our company meeting and then quickly covered up with some positively glowing update about our flagship product. People seemed more comfortable to ignore me from that moment on.

When you quit, you become a traitor. This ghost that wont go away that has access to all your secrets. I think it is good that I am here for a few weeks, clean things up, look for a replacement, answer questions, but I think given the choice, management would prefer me to leave early. I am this reminder of things gone wrong. Problems not solved. Opportunities lost.

I decided to take a week off between jobs. My wife and I are thinking of going to Disneyland! =)


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