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Hello? Hello?

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Hey. Hey. Still alive and kicking here.

How embarassing that my own mother posts more than I do. *sigh* I've been neglecting you all. The readers, the bloggers, the aggregators and the Internet itself.

You see, I've been busy. Busy busy busy. Actually I took a vacation. Which is actually busy in reverse. Anti-busy but still very much occupied. I was up in Canada visiting my wife and doing the remote work thang.

Took a mini vacation. Up-island to Tofino/Uclulet. Very nice if you haven't been there. Relaxing. Very west coast.

Cat then got very sick. Super-duper sick. Very-little-movement sick. Vet bill climbed and climbed. We tearfully made the hard choice. We took her home to die in relative familiarity. Very much against the strong advice of the vets. Had to sign all sorts of waivers. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Cat slept for a day. Cat then got up and started eating again. Drinking again. Living again. A week later and she was more active than she had been for many months. Still no determined cause. Go figure.

Flew back to California. Worked for a week. Then moved to San Francisco. WoOt! Awesome. Double-very good. And that is where I am now. I have now brought you to the present. I moved in yesterday and tonight will be my second night. My name is Dylan. I live in Noe Valley.

Noe Valley is cool. I thought I was escaping the pretentious life-style of Palo Alto. And perhaps I have. But the housing costs are still pretty outrageous. Parking is a bitch. I live on the second floor right on 24th near Church. I take it back. Parking isn't so bad. It is *supposed* to be bad. I've found parking directly in front of my place two days running.

I've learned some new words lately. New to me anyway. Things can be 'dope' meaning 'good'. It can be fun saying "coolio" instead of just "that's cool".

You can buy alcohol everywhere on 24th street. It's a little scary. Within a two minute walk there are literally 10 places to buy wine and/or cold beer. Also 3-5 pubs within that same area. That is only counting 24th. Between Church and Castro. Bizarre.

Alright. I think I'm done. Getting past that first post after a hiatus. Stressful. Lots to talk about. Much outdated. Time for a picture of my cat I think. She wasn't doing so well here, but damn does her gaze have personality.

Myra a few days before the worst.

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