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The Girl Next Door

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Elisha Cuthbert I rented The Girl Next Door a few days ago when I needed a movie that wouldn't make me think. The main actress turned out to be Elisha Cuthbert, the blonde daughter bimbo from the hit TV show 24. Thankfully, in the movie, she doesn't once sob uncontrollably or wave a gun around, and instead plays an 18 year old porn star questioning her life's decisions. The almost-highschool-grad hero of the story falls in love with her and does his best to be the good guy she always really wanted. Highschool tripe mostly, but there were enough funny lines to keep me entertained. Among other things.

In my mind though, Elisha Cuthbert is and always will be Kim Bauer. Numerous times during The Girl Next Door I caught myself thinking "Jack is going to be so pissed when he sees this."

Living Tissue Clothing

via Wired News: "The jacket is being grown inside a specially designed bioreactor that acts as a surrogate body."

Creepy.. but only because we are unfamiliar with idea. As the article points out, we have no issues with peeling the skin off a previously-living animal and wearing it... this would provide a way of wearing the skin without needing to kill an animal.

It isn't clear whether the clothing would be kept alive while you wore it, or it would be 'slaughtered' first.

Announcing JustBlogIt v0.1

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I re-wrote the functionality of Blog comPost as a Mozilla/Firefox extension and then extended the functionality to other blog types and News Readers. Check out JustBlogIt.
What is JustBlogIt?
JustBlogIt is a Mozilla / Firefox extension to allow easy right-click posting to a weblog. From any website your new blog post is only a right-click away.
Learn more and try it out on the JustBlogIt Homepage.

Aileen Wuornos

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I just watched the movie Aileen: life and death of a serial killer an intense documentary created around interviews with Aileen Wuornos the first female serial killer in America. We learn about her life, see scenes from her court cases, and watch her gradually become less rational and coherent as her execution date approaches.

Quite frankly she scared the hell out of me. The movie Monster with Charlize Theron was excellent, but didn't come close to portraying the true anger and insanity that this woman possessed.

Definitely worth a rent, but like Peter Travers of Rolling Stone says on the back cover: "her eyes, radiating madness, will haunt your dreams."

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