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Aardvark'd For Sale

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Joel Spolsky of FogCreek software thought there should be more movies about software development so he hired a film student to document the development of a product at his company this summer and the editing is almost complete. The movie is titled Aardvark'd and you can pre-order it for the December 1st release. I just ordered mine.

GoogleBlog Me

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I have an entry in the GoogleBlog announcing the release of the Google Personalized Homepage to 16 new regions. My name in lights!

O, Canada (among others)

11/02/2005 08:13:00 PM
Posted by Dylan Parker, Software Engineer

I've been working on the personalized homepage from Victoria, B.C., and I've never been psyched to have to sign in to the U.S. version every morning. While Seattle's pretty close, I'd prefer to have the actual weather for Victoria -- and have it in Celsius. Now I can, because today we expanded the personalized homepage to 16 new regions: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and ahem, Canada.

Now I can enjoy my morning Timbits with a Google homepage -- Canadian-style.

Homebrew Sony Style Animation

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via Engadget:

Sony Style Animation Screengrab
Animator Tyson Ibele has released a jaw-dropping impressive animation of various Sony products transforming into each other all transformer-like. The renderings are beautiful and the music is bang on.

It really is incredible that an enterprising individual can produce something on their own that rivals the creations of some of the biggest ad-houses.


Update: Because of bandwidth issues the clip can now be viewed here.

blog thoughts

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A few random thoughts on this official re-launch of warmbrain.

· Although I wrote the initial entry a week ago, I didn't actually redirect the RSS feed until today. I wanted to re-work the design a bit and get it cleaned up. I just added a 301 Permanent Redirect from the old RSS file to this new one and it would appear that Bloglines obligingly followed the redirect. Nice.

· I originally chose more muted browns and grays for the site but my wife was unimpressed. We sat and tried out some palettes in Photoshop until she was pleased. What can I say? She loves red.

· I tried and tried and tried to use the default templates that come with MovableType and *only* modify the CSS. Alas I once again gave up and modified the main templates. It just wasn't making sense to keep all sorts of extra stuff. I wanted it clean and simple and just 'hiding' all the sections I didn't want seemed silly.

I also -- yet again -- was irritated as hell at how hard it is to get a simple 2-column setup with CSS. I even went the easy route of a fixed-width page with fixed-width dual columns and lined them up by floating them beside each other. So far so good, but then the container DIV wasn't sizing itself around the floated elements and since the container had a thick border (as it does now) it wasn't surrounding the whole page. To get the containing element to fit itself around its interior floated elements, you need the following CSS:

/* .pkg class wraps enclosing block */
/* element around inner floated elements */
   content: " ";
   display: block;
   visibility: hidden;
   clear: both;
   height: 0.1px;
   font-size: 0.1em;
   line-height: 0;
* html .pkg { display: inline-block; }
/* no ie mac \*/
* html .pkg { height: 1%; }
.pkg { display: block; }
/* */

This effectively uses CSS to insert a block of text at the bottom of the containing DIV and then hide it -- with of course the obligatory CSS hacks to hide the hack from browsers that may 'break' from this 'fix'. I was disgusted. I opted to just remove all the modules, don't float anything and just have a linear page. Why does CSS always leave a bad taste in my mouth?

· I decided to use the fully locked-down TypeKey comment system. You can only post a comment if you sign-in to your TypeKey account. Not my first choice but since the comment-spam was so bad when I shutdown warmbrain in January -- and I hear it has only gotten worse -- I'd rather just lock it down and see how it goes.

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