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Google files for IPO

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Is there more to say?

IPO Form, Google Press Release, NYT Article, Slashdot Thread.

Needless to say, the mood around here is electric. Alright... now back to work. :)

Gmail Screenshots

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I thought I would jump on the Gmail screenshot bandwagon and post a few of my own. Click each image for a larger version.

Seamless built-in spell checker...

Gmail built-in spell checker

Integrated auto-completion of address book entries...

Gmail address book auto-completion

Step 1 of creating an email filter...

Gmail email filter step 1

Gmail Registration

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Kevin Fox, a fellow Google employee, has posted an interesting comparison of the YahooMail, Hotmail and Gmail registration requirements. With all the recent privacy discussions around Gmail, it is nice to see a positive post such as this fair comparison of the up-front required personal information. He also promises further comments on this subject tomorrow.

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