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Stupid Cellphone

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Kyocera 2345 cellphone I own the Kyocera 2345 cellphone. It came 'free' with my Sprint plan when I signed up over a year ago. The phone has done me well, but has one irritating characteristic: it is incapable of charging the battery while you are using it.

This means that if the phone is about to die while you are talking, it doesn't matter if you plug it in, it will still die. The DC input is just ignored. This also means if you it is charging and you make a call, it stops charging while the call is connected. Also, The phone will not turn on if just the power cord is plugged in without a battery.

This just doesn't make any sense. I wonder if it is something requested by the phone companies to guarantee that you can only talk for a battery-charge amount of time.

Well, regardless of the reasoning, they overlooked one method of getting the phone to work solely off the DC adapter. If you remove the battery while the phone is already plugged in and charging it will stay powered on and let you make calls. Coolio.

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