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AOL for Broadband

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AOL is advertising on radio their new AOL for Broadband service. On first listen it seemed to be a simple AOL service you sign-in to through your existing service provider. The 'broadband' aspect just seemed to be a requirement since they were feeding you large media files.

Some rapidly spoken words at the end of the radio commercial perked my ears, and I confirmed it through their website. Get this: "AOL FOR BROADBAND REQUIRES PURCHASE OF A SEPARATE HIGH-SPEED CONNECTION FROM YOUR LOCAL CABLE OR TELEPHONE COMPANY". Yep. They expect you to purchase a second broadband connection (on your own dime apparently) and then download AOL branded media exclusively through it (more dimes required).

Incredible, eh? Two broadband connections to one house. One for AOL, the other for everything else. Considering the cost of a single broadband connection can be upwards of $40, would people really be eager to drop an additional $40 to get AOL content? How good could it be?

Browse Happy

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Still using Internet Explorer? Unaware that other browsing options exist? Oblivious to the fact that your browsing experiences could be richer and more fulfilling (while being less-fattening and oh-so-full of lubricating ruffage)? Check out Browse Happy, a site that provides plain information about different browsers, their pros and cons, their risks and rewards and their daily caloric content. Learn about your local (browsing) environment. Minimize your every (HTTP request) impact on the world around you. Brag about your lack of ecological (memory) footprint. All while basking in the glory of international (W3C) standards.

Ah hell. Just switch already.


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If you have ever been irritated by a news article link that drops you at a 'free' registration page, then definitely check out bugmenot.

It is essentially an online free index of usernames and passwords to sites that require 'free' registration. No more typing garbage into a registration forms and trying to figure out whether to click the checkbox labelled [  ] Shall we not never not (not) send you spam and sell your email address? Just use bugmenot to get a currently working, updated when needed, username and password pair to give you access.

If you happen to use Mozilla or FireFox, you can get a bugmenot extension to retrieve login information for a site with a right-click. The extension even auto-fills the form fields and submits. There is also one for IE, and also a barebones bookmarklet.

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