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I've been sick for a bit. Some sort of intense sinus infection. Had me lying in bed for an entire week. I tried to avoid going on any drugs for it, but in the end it didn't make sense not to. I just wasn't getting better and kicked myself into gear by telling myself people used to die from such illnesses. I'm on antibiotics now and am back at work. So far so good.

I redesigned the site. again. It seems that every second post here is a "I redesigned the site" post. Perhaps I should just give in and do a continuously redesigned blog about continuously redesigning your blog. The upside down hill at the top was taken up in Sonoma during a biking trip. Such pretty colours no?

When I am sick I watch a shitload of movies. Here is a partial list just from memory: Freaks, A Beautiful Mind, Mr Show Season 2, Chaos, Affliction, Flawless... um. That's all I remember. There was at least 20 though.. around 4 a day.

I watched Steve Jobs' keynote speech at "Apple Special Event" (is that really what it was called?) and had a similar reaction to many bloggers to Steve's insistence that Video wasn't the way to go with the iPod. Steve's main argument against the idea was that people didn't already have the content and nobody was selling it... and instead they introduce the iPod Photo which allows photos on your iPod and we all know people have shitloads of digital photos. I like the *idea* of having a mobile video device, but at the same time I am not sure if I would use it. Those screens are pretty darn small... and I'm rarely sitting somewhere long enough that it makes sense to start a movie or tv show.

A study referenced by Gizmodo titled Consumers 'snub portable video' seems to back Steve up. People want music and are not so interested in video. Photos are a bit of a novelty and were a good excuse for a colour screen. I'm sure Apple did their own studies as well.

Tomorrow is election day. Should be interesting. I can't vote here. I'm Canadian.

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