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Born: Orion Eric Lloyd Parker


My wife and I had a kid a few months back. His name is Orion. After the constellation from Greek mythology. We've been busy obviously and that's why it has taken me almost 3 months to announce this. Time seems to both stretch and compress. It seems days last much longer now, but it amazes me that three months have gone by so quickly. How about a picture?

Each day seems to bring something new. More eye-contact. Better control over arms and hands. Mimicking laughter. Big kicks in the bath. Both Tracey and I feel so lucky that we get to be his parents. We keep expecting some time limit to be reached where we have to give him back.

Orion was born at home with two excellent midwives (and a kick-ass husband) for support. The labour was very sensible, starting in the early morning, progressing steadily with the finale taking place a little after 5PM in the evening. No complications. I even got to hold my son's head and 'help' the midwives with the delivery. Definitely one of the most surreal experiences I've had.

Life definitely changes. Mostly a priority shift. He is now a part of this family and has some kind of impact on everything we decide or do. As much as it is a cliche to say how much a baby will change your life, its true... and it is one of those things that I couldn't fully grasp until it happened.

We could sit and stare at this kid for hours. And we do!

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